The author of a devotional wrote this. “A man standing next to Niagara Falls does not ask where to find water.” The sound of the availability of water would be deafening in his ears. The 600,000 gallons of water going over the falls each second would make that question foolish. Where he was standing made all the difference. Have you given thought recently to where you are standing?The story of feeding the 5,000 is a staple for all of us. It is a fun story to teach children and for challenging adults. The disciples were standing next to Jesus, the “Niagara Falls”of supply. Yet, they stood there wondering how they could feed the crowd.


All four gospels record this feeding story (Mt.14: 15-21; Mk.6: 35-44; Lk.9: 12-17; Jn.6: 4-14). Only in John do we find this question. “Whence (where)shall we buy bread, that these may eat?”The text says that Jesus was proving (scrutinizing, measuring) Philip and all the men. He was proving them with a “where”question.

Recently I spoke at a men’s conference. Three churches represented there had no pastor. During a Q & A session the question was asked about where small churches can go to find pastors. Another speaker responded well.

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