Some years ago the Gallup organization polled the Christian community. They found that only 12% were committed to make any real changes. When shown changes which would promote godliness in themselves and have an impact on the lost, only 12% said they would alter their life and that of their children to gain these benefits.So, let’s ask ourselves some honest questions.

Am I part of the 12% or the other 88?

If prompted by God, would I actually make visible changes? Zechariah 8 was written to people in need of change. Twenty years earlier they returned from Babylon. They rebuilt the altar and began sacrificing again. But within two years they stopped. They got preoccupied with their own houses and lives. It stayed this way for sixteen years.So, God sent the prophets Haggai and Zechariah. Their preaching got there building going again, but it also moved the people to ask good questions about worship.They asked whether they should continue some fasting events (7:3). You see, during their captivity the Jews added four fasts to what God established. Their fasts centered on remembering the destruction of Jerusalem and their captivity. Being now back and worshiping again, they asked if they should continue these fasts. Good question.

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