As I look back upon what this past year has brought, I can only thank God for what He has done and Who He is. I cannot speak for you, our dear reader and supporter of Bible Tracts Inc., but 2019 was not only a year of sorrow, but even more so, a year of plentiful joy in my life. My wife has the privilege of introducing me and my family to you in the side column on this page, but at this moment, I would like to pass along a thought that has been on my mind as we launch into this exciting adventure of a New Year and new ministry!
It’s that time of year. We are just days into 2020 and already New Year’s Resolutions are beginning to fall by the wayside. We are confronted with the fact that we will be the same people we were last year. Aren’t you a little tired of it? Are you tired of The Monotony and the Same Ol’ Same Ol’?
What if not everything in life had to be cyclical and boring? “And the child Samuel ministered unto the LORD before Eli. And the word of the LORD was precious in those days; there was no open vision.” (1 Samuel 3:1).
If you have ever found yourself in a rut, or do now, you understand what the nation of Israel was feeling in the timeframe of this verse. You probably already know the story of little Samuel and the call of God on his life. Today, I would like to bring a short application from verse one of chapter three.
Israel is in a rut. God does not seem to be speaking to anyone. Israel, in this account, is a theocratic system of government. That means that when God is not speaking, they have no leadership. As a result, the children of Israel have become cold, crusty, and callous. May I implore you to not make the same mistake in this New Year? Don’t give in to the Same Ol’ Same Ol’!
What I hope you will do today because you read this article is this: Get off the hamster wheel! Break the monotony! I hope you get tired of spinning your wheels and start to change something based off what you learn or are reminded of today.
Aren’t you worn out after going to church between 50 and 150 times in 2019 without hearing (or letting) God speak to you? Aren’t you sick of putting on a good face when you feel empty inside? Aren’t you done with the sham of enjoying the Christian life and actually want to live the peace that passes all understanding? If so, then first, realize this:

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