My prayer is that this newsletter from our staff here at Bible Tracts Inc. (BTI) finds you and your family well! This has been a trying time for many. Recently, I heard it wisely said that just as a test in school reveals a pupil’s knowledge of a particular subject, so too does a spiritual test reveal the Christian’s knowledge of our precious Saviour.

  As so many lost souls cast about for something to anchor and rely upon, our Great Commission from Christ should resound even louder in our ears. Our purpose and focus here at BTI has not changed and, Lord willing, will never waver.

  We have shipped more tracts from our office here in Bloomington, IL, in the last six weeks than ever before in our history. To God be the glory! Your prayers and your generous giving to the ministry of BTI are an enormous part of what allows us to do that.

  You will notice that the format of this bulletin is outside the norm of what you may be used to. With the excellent design eye and technical prowess that our Operations Manager, Austin Merriott, brings to our ministry, come new and fresh ideas! We are able to send this updated newsletter to you for the same cost as the previous version while also taking advantage of almost double the square space. This will allow us to feature even more information about our ministry.

  Would you consider reading every page of this bulletin? God has led us in great and marvelous ways and it would be our pleasure to tell you about His work here at Bible Tracts Inc.! 


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